Our Redeemer Lutheran Church



Lutheran Disaster Response teams are on the ground now in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and Puerto Rico, coordinating with local officials and care teams, and will continue to provide support and resources long after many others pack up and return home. Gifts to "Hurricane Relief" will be used solely for that purpose for as long as the need exists. Earthquake, fire, and other disasters don't get ignored either. Learn more and donate here:  http://www.elca.org/en/Our-Work/Relief-and-Development/Lutheran-Disaster-Response/Our-Impact/US-Hurricane-Relief

Sunday Worship 11:10am

 Here there is a place for you. There is plenty of room in God’s kingdom.
God doesn't have to find us; he already knows each and every one of us, calls us his own, and waits for our hearts to open to His love. We know some of our failings, fears, weaknesses; God knows them all and accepts us all, nonetheless. We believe we can do no less!
Have you felt ignored, rejected, or hurt by "the church," by the words of "Christians?" We recognize that unfortunate reality. But, more, we want you to know that is not God. He places no restrictions on his love. We are prayerfully working to powerfully love in that way. Won't you let us try? Even better, won't you help us?
We want all people to know the love of God through the Lord Jesus. We believe it is the only hope for our lives, our families, our community, and our world.
Will you join us in making God's love known?