Justice is what love looks like in public.
— Philosopher Cornel West


Justice Ministry is taking the church's intent of moving the world we live in closer to reflecting the world as God would have it, beyond good works of charity and service, and even advocacy, to righting systems that lift some at the expense of others, and so achieving a more just and equitable society embracing God's love.


Indianapolis Congregation Action Network

a PICO affiliate   www.indycan.org

The Indianapolis Congregation Action Network (IndyCAN) develops leadership of people of faith at the grassroots level to achieve power for positive change. Our Redeemer is a founding congregation of IndyCAN.

at IndyCAN's March 2012 founding convention

at IndyCAN's March 2012 founding convention

IndyCAN’s Mission is to build the leadership capacity of all citizens–especially the low- and moderate-income people who live, work, and worship in Central Indiana–empowering them to work alongside service providers, policy makers, and other stakeholders to increase collaboration, leverage resources, and improve the systems impacting their lives.